About Us

Backwoods Glampers

We are a family-run business located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

If there is one thing everyone in our family loves, it's to camp! We would often find ourselves camped next to beautiful rivers and streams that were just too cold to enjoy.

Be it a hot summer day and we want to float in some water (without getting hypothermia) or a chilly fall night to enjoy some star gazing, a portable hot tub always came up as the solution we found ourselves wishing for.

Our jokes turned to searching for an off the grid hot tub. When that left us disappointed the conversation changed to how we could build one.

What we ended up with was an amazing, efficient, and easy-to-use portable camping hot tub. The sauna tent was the next obvious direction for us, and we suggest staying tuned to see what comes next.



Backwoods Glamping is taking your next outdoor adventure to the next level. We help our customers to create the perfect sanctuary anywhere their paths may lead. Known for our quality and loved for our customer service, Backwoods Glamping is taking a family owned business and turning it into a household name around the world. 


Our Mission is to help our customers reconnect with nature and themselves while they disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. By designing spa like products that are highly portable, and easy to set up, we are giving people the tools to create their own oasis anywhere.